Are smoothies better than juices?

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What do you like better smoothies or juices? what’s the difference ? and Why I think smoothies are a better option when it comes to promoting overall general health. When you blend something, although the food gets pulverised, you still end up consuming the food in its entirety. So, if you blend up a pear and a cup of spinach, your body digests an entire pear and a whole cup of spinach.

When you juice something, on the other hand, the fibrous portion of the fruit or vegetable is removed. And, what you’re left with are the micronutrients (and the sugars), in a liquid form.

Smoothies Provide more Nutrition – A smoothie is still a whole food, complete with fiber and all nutrients. Juices, on the other hand, are not whole foods. The fiber has been removed, along with any nutrients that are discarded with the fiber. Since dietary fiber is so important for overall health, it makes no sense to remove it from a food.

•  Fiber Slows Sugar Absorption – While the sugar content of fruit is not a health concern for most people, juices made with sweet fruits or sweet vegetables like carrots or beetroot can essentially become a concentrated sweetener. Smoothies, on the other hand, are loaded with fiber which slows sugar absorption to a healthy level.

Smoothies Fill you Up – smoothies fill you up and keep you satisfied until your next meal. Juices do not. Part of the reason is that a smoothie contains fiber, as well as all of the other nutrients that would otherwise be lost in the discarded fiber if juicing. You can also add protein powder, avocado, nut butters etc to a smoothie to boost the nutritional content whereas juices are limiting.

Juices Don’t Fuel Workouts – A juice will not fuel a workout the way that a smoothie would. Since the fiber has been removed, you will burn though a juice much faster. Since juices are also lacking in protein, you may feel like you are hungry all day long.

Smoothies Are A Sustainable Dietary Habit – smoothies can be meals. You can swap your breakfast or lunch for a smoothie every single day for the rest of your life if you want. However, juicing makes you feel like you are on a temporary diet. The thick texture of smoothies feels like and digests like a proper meal, where juices do not.

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