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Strength is the basis for everything we do in the gym and in life. If you want to well in your sport or perform well in everyday functional activities and maintain good health as we age then you’ve got to be strong. if you want to gain strength and muscle then a good strength training program is a must, because it ensures that proper balance is maintained between muscle groups. Correct balance between opposing muscle groups ensures good posture, which leads to efficient movement, as well as helping prevent injury, it lets us perform everyday functional activities without problem and hey, we look good too!.

To begin a strength training program we involve compound exercises. Compound movements increase strength the fastest and build the most muscle. Performing compound exercises will also help increase your power and endurance because compound movements target numerous muscle groups as you perform multi-joint movements, like squats, deadlifts etc.
The main goal of strength-based exercises is to increase the strength in your muscles and the ability to produce as much force as you can.
Since your body is comprised of muscles that help you push and pull, you have to work them all to maximize strength. To do this effectively, choose the whole-body push exercise that is generally considered the king of all lifts: the squat. Couple that with the high demand of a whole-body “push-pull” like the deadlift and both your core and lower body muscle training is complete. For the upper body, the main lifts to incorporate are the bench press and the barbell row and overhead press.

Aim for 5-8 reps for 3-5 sets per exercise. And don’t cheat yourself—make sure that those weight loads help take your muscles to near failure on each set. When training for strength, a bit more rest is recommended. Aim for 2-3 minutes between sets and increase the weight.

Lastly, as any serious athlete will tell you, correct nutrition is not just beneficial, it is essential for success. Focus on the two primary ingredients of your diet: protein and carbohydrate. Good quality, low fat, proteins are vital for muscle repair and growth while carbohydrates fuel your workout sessions. Keep your carb intake for fueling your workouts and refuelling afterwards but after 4pm keep the carbohydrates ratio low and protein and fats higher. Anyone who wants to enquire about a customised strength training program, contact me at #strengthtraining#strength #strengthprogram #getfit #gymlife #gym#musclegainz #muscle #buildmuscle #buildstrength#nutrition #marbella #puertobanus #personaltraining#training #trainhard #trainforlife #staystrong#getstrong #fitter #fitness #fitlife #getlean#loseweight #gainmuscle


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