No one escapes from the sled!

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No one escapes from the sled! The conditioning sled is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips and arms, It is also fantastic for fat loss and conditioning. It can be used for conditioning, it can be used for fat loss, it can help build muscle, it can be used for sports specific training, it will stengthen pretty much every muscle on your body and it will also test your spirit as much as it tests your body. It can be pulled, pushed or dragged, in the case of the prowler sled which i use, the weight can be added to make the exercise more targeted—whether for power development, muscular endurance or aerobic training. The sled has been in the CrossFit Games since 2011 and its a versatile exercise tool, it can be paired with multiple exercises, the workouts are short and intense and studies done have shown it improves acceleration and is better than traditional sprint for improving speed, and thats one of the reasons why all the rugby league and union teams use the sled.
Sled work involves numerous muscles and joints performing functional movements.The arms and legs work together to coordinate movement, and keeping a strong core is crucial to keeping the body stable as the limbs exert force on the sled and training surface, which can vary from grass through padded matts to gravel—with each posing different challenges.
The practice of pulling and pushing something for time, distance or reps is as true to the core principles of fitness as it gets. If the sled is light, you can try and sprint as hard as you can with it and it will burn. If it’s heavy, there’s no question that your muscular endurance is going to go through the roof after a few sessions of pushing the sled 50 yards.
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