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TRAIN to be your BEST at your SPORT

I am a training specialist in a variety of sports and the aim for me would be to improve your style and technique whatever your sport may be. I will be able to devise professional sports specific functional exercises that will raise your training game and decrease your chances of sports injury.

sports specific training by Jason Lowndes - - Personal Trainer MarbellaMany gym programs are very generic and miss out on key exercises and movement patterns for specific sports. Exercises can also be detrimental to sports. You must be confident that the exercises you are performing are improving and strengthening your game, not hindering it. This is critical for sports specifics.

Here at MGM, I will prescribe the exercises needed to improve the chosen sport and explain why they are needed. After being assesed, I will be able to assertain your level of movement, flexibility and strength. By identifying the areas which need improvement, I will provide you with exercises that train you in all planes of movement to ensure that you reach your full potential and will not be plagued by injury. For instance, if your upper body strength and aerobic fitness were not at optimal levels, your training would focus on this. This kind of sports specific training does not necessarily include the sport you are training for. i.e, a cyclist may find that there program includes very little cycling. The areas of weakness that need work are often those that our chosen sports do not focus on.
Joe Selkirk Pro Boxer - MGM Marbella with Jason Lowndes Personal Trainer

when choosing exercises that are specific to a sport, it is important that the whole movement process is taken into account and not just a part of the movement.

Take into account the following:

  • The prime movers of the movement: be sure not to overwork them and pay considerable attention to the antagonists to help reduce the risk of injury and reduce muscle imbalances
  • Look at the speed of the movement: would loading the particular movement change the speed in which it is performed and therefore have a detrimental effect on the skill
  • The way the movement produces force: does an exercise require a counter movement, or does it require high levels of isometric strength or other dynamic contractions
  • The range in which the movement is being performed: does it require a large range of motion or is the movement over a shorter range of motion? Both of which will decide how much force can be applied

Joe Selkirk Pro Boxer Training at MGM with Personal Trainer Jason LowndesA sports specific training program can help you get the next level at your chosen sport. Whether you are tennis player, a golfer or a cyclist you can benefit from sports specific training programs.

This kind of training can be very rewarding, those that take on sports specific training often find that their performance in their chosen sport advances in leaps and bounds. So don’t waste time, contact Jason Lowndes today and you could be looking at your best season yet in your sport.


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