Power and Muscular Endurance with Stephen Simmons – Pro Boxer

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Steve Simmons training with strength and conditioning coach Jason LowndesScotland’s Stephen Simmons takes on Wadi Camacho in Glasgow, tonight live on Sky Sports 3, as part of the Ricky Burns undercard and considering there is no love lost between these two, it looks like there could be fireworks in this WBC International Silver Cruiserweight title fight, and I’m backing my man Stephen for this one. As his strength and conditioning coach here in MGM Marbella where he has been camped with Danny Vaughan,  I have watched him put in some monumental training sessions and have no doubt he’ll do the business tonight.
I believe MGM Marbella is the best training camp there is, with the facilities and the talent that train here. When a boxer arrives in MGM to train, sees the facilities and the level of training and sparring that goes on here, it inspires and motivates them to raise their game to the next level and when everybody is in the zone here, this place is humming.
When Stephen trains, he puts in 200%, with Stephen Simmons we focus on Power Endurance and muscular endurance. Muscular endurance – a combination of strength and endurance and the ability to perform many repetitions against a given resistance for a prolonged period of time. Any form of training must mirror the specific demands of the sport. In resistance training, this means that the load used should match the resistance that must be overcome while competing and since Stephen competes at Cruiserweight level, the resistance he has to overcome is quite large!!
We also train for Power endurance, Boxers must produce powerful movements and repeat them many times during the round with little or no rest. In order to maintain the same amount of power with each effort, a certain level of power endurance is required. Power endurance training is characterised by intense, repeated efforts for a relatively short period of time (less than 30 seconds). Once maximal strength has been developed (earlier on in the strength program) it can be converted into explosive power through various methods of power training. Now power endurance training can be used to train the fast twitch fibres to resist fatigue allowing explosive power to be maintained for longer and  Stephen Simmons is over 14 stone and the power he has is awesome.  

 Stephen’s a big confident fella and he’s gonna have great crowd behind him tonight and I wish him the best of luck and as Stephen says it himself  “I just need to do what I have to do, train hard and let momentum take me there.” It sure will lad, See you soon.


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