Strength and Conditioning

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Strength and Conditioning

If you have asked yourself some of these questions, now ask yourself what you are willing to do to change…

Strength-conditioning training with Jason Lowndes personal Trainer MarbellaIf you are ready to commit to becoming the fittest, strongest, leanest and best you can possibly become then you’ve come to the right place!
Working with rugby teams, tennis players and martial artists, as well as clients from all backgrounds, Jason Lowndes is well known for his no nonsense approach when it comes to getting results.

As a fully qualified and insured personal trainer and strength coach, you can be sure that you’re training is in safe hands! Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is the physical and psychological development of athletes for sport. It involves all forms of resistance training as well as Speed, Agility, Quickness, Endurance, Flexibility and Core stability training. From experience working with elite sportsmen and women, I understand the need to have structured, specific and periodised training programmes that target and characterise all the needs of the athlete.

If you are an individual competitor or involved in a team and are looking to rise to the top within your sport then this is for you.

Along with weight training, body-weight training and resistance training are popular forms of strength conditioning. Body-weight training is composed of exercises that involved lifting one’s own body, such as push-ups and pull-ups. Resistance training makes use of objects, such as elastic bands, that provide an opposing force that the person exercising pulls against.

strength-and-conditioning exercises by jason Lowndes - Personal Trainer Marbella SpainLifting weights may not only help a person become physically stronger, able to move heavier objects, and overpower opponents, it may also help strengthen bones and prevent injuries. Weight lifting routines may be especially helpful in preventing body injuries for athletes who play sports that require hard or sudden landing, such as sprinting, or physical contact, such as Football or Rugby. Having a higher percentage of muscle mass may also help burn fat and result in a leaner body that can move faster and outrun opponents.

Jason will generally alter the type of jogging or running routine depending on if the goal is endurance or swiftness and agility and will instruct athletes on the proper running form and breathing techniques to help acclimate their bodies to the specific cardiovascular goal. Another possible aspect of strength and conditioning training is proper recovery. Recovery refers to the process the body takes to relax and heal itself after strenuous physical activity.

With Jason Lowndes Strength and Conditioning you can expect:

  • Liaison with athlete to discuss sport specific needs.
  • Advanced fitness testing 
  • The creation of a detailed periodised programme 
  • Sport specific programmes designed to reach the athletes goals 
  • The use of Plyometrics, Speed, Agility and Olympic Weightlifting techniques to aid athlete development. 
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

Give yourself the best chance as an athlete to achieve your Sporting goals
by stepping up your training to the elite level.

So if you’re looking for a high quality strength and conditioning coach
in Marbella or Puerta Banus, Contact Jason Now…!



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