Tips to Stay Motivated During Your Workout Program

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Working out consistently can be tough, especially if you’ve let your routine become stale. Here are 5 great tips for making sure you stick to your workout.

1.) Let everyone know
Call it bragging if you want but it helps to make it known that you are dedicating yourself to a new lifestyle of health and fitness. If people know that you are serious about lifting each day at a certain time, they aren’t likely to tempt you.

2.) Alarm clock
It’s classic and extremely effective, so why aren’t you using it? Your computer, phone, mp3 player, and tablet all have an alarm clock function. Set it for a time each day that you are going to dedicate to working out. Make sure that you also have that alarm repeated daily.

3.) Inspirational quotes & clips
There will be those days where you don’t feel like going near a weight bench. Reach out to cyberspace and search for inspirational quotes from former or current bodybuilders. Crank up music that you reserve for pushing yourself the extra mile. Watch a video of a radical transformation. When you see how others would give anything to be able to go to the gym, something you may take for granted, it really changes your perception and makes you thankful for your abilities.

4.) Hang out with the right people
If you are training to become a fitness model but hang out with people that drink beer and spend their leisure time on the couch, it will be near impossible for you to stay motivated and work on your goal. But if you hang out with those that are working on similar goals or have already achieved them, you will feel wind at your back and move faster yourself. The same thing applies if you are working on getting or staying in shape – hang out with others that will understand and support you.

5.) Keep changing it up
Boredom is dangerous. It can easily turn a great routine into a loathed chore. Best way to avoid this is to keep changing up your workout every 6-8 weeks.


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